Adeba Filter ensures that all maintenance activities to be handled in 100% secured conditions and provides ergonomic maintenance level as below 1 meter of height for technicians.


The number of running equipment and items requiring maintenance

on a standart dust filtering units have been dramatically reduced

in Adeba Filters.


Thanks to the concept design features, all running equipment is located

at ground level and specifically for Telescope maintenance,

dedicated & ergonomic coordinates have been pre-defined to ensure

100% secured and ergonomic conditions for technicians.

Adeba Filter is provided with standard components like galvanized forge-welded gratings, side protection sheet plates against object dropping risks as well as appropriate level of side rails for safe access to units.


All operating equipment is located at the ground level of

clean gas chamber of Adeba Filter.


Maintenance of the telescopic cleaning unit

may be only started once the unit is

directed to a dedicated maintenance

coordinates in order to ease maintenance

as well as to provide ergonomic conditions.

Filter replacement in Adeba Filter is dramatically facilitated. It requires only loosing of 2 screw nuts and taking away the pressure plates.


Afterwards, filter cassettes can be simply slide out & slide in after new filter on.


This operation is extremely easy & quick and while there is relatively less cassettes exist, Filter bag replacement duration is shorter and further supports the uptime of the filter whilst the filter bag replacement target is still beyond 1 years of operation.

At existing & known standard so called “Jet Pulse Filter”;

Generally, due to operational necessities, all valves, tanks and control groups are located at the top of the filters.

On the other hand, there are number of compressed air storage tanks on Jet Pulse filters, which require regular inspections by external parties according the regulations in force.


However, at Adeba Filters, there is no necessity of compressed air storage tanks in the middle of operations…


As design feature of Jet Pulse filters, there exist many piping and several supporting structural element to be dismantled prior to filter bag replacements that prolongs the downtime duration of activity.

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